Tea Industry

The electricity consumption of tea factories varies significantly throughout the year. We accommodate this seasonality with our contracts, which have no minimum off-take obligations or fixed monthly payments. This means tea factories only pay based on the kWh that they have actually used. When you consume less power due to seasonality you will not have to pay for installed solar capacity which you are not using.  


Solar Solutions for Tea Factories

Market Leader

Equator Energy is Kenya’s market leader in Commercial and Industrial (C&I) solar power. We operate over 50 solar plants totalling over 15 MW of solar capacity. Of these 1.7 MW are installed at tea plantations in Kenya.  

Solar Share & Purchase Options

We can replace over 30 % of your annual electricity consumption with cheaper, cleaner solar energy. 

You get the option to buy the solar plant at any time if you wish and we offer market leading pricing. 

Risk Free

Our business model is simple and risk free: we design, build, operate, maintain and insure solar power plants at our own expense. This means, there is no investment required from our clients. We simply charge you an operation fee for the solar electricity that you use on a per kWh basis at a discount of 30 – 40 % on your KPLC rate. 

Case Study
Sotik Tea Arroket & Mettarora

The photos above show our solar power plants at Sotik Tea’s Arroket and Mettarora tea factories. The solar power plants are a mix of roof and ground mounted solar power plants. Each factory receives over 30 % of its electricity supply from our solar power plants. The graph below shows our solar supply (yellow) blending in with the factories KPLC supply (grey) over the course of two recent days.  

tea factory solar load curve

Key Figures

~32% annual solar supply share 

>12 million shillings annual electricity cost savings  

Remote monitored and controlled by our operations centre 24/7/365

20 years operating, maintenance and monitoring by Equator Energy  

14 days from delivery of equipment to commissioning by our 50+ member installation team 

Remote monitored and controlled by our operations centre 24/7/365 

Diesel-hybrid integrated to run with generators during KPLC outages 

Intelligent online energy dashboard access custom designed for the client (see the load curve graph above) 

1,658 kWp total installed solar capacity 

4,250 mono-crystalline solar modules 


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