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Spend less on electricity.
Zero up-front investment required.
Cleaner and cheaper energy from solar.


Equator Energy helps you spend less on electricity.
Our solar power solutions require zero up-front investment.
Equator Energy delivers cleaner and cheaper energy from solar.

Zero Investment

We deliver solar power plants to our client at zero up-front cost. We cover the entire cost of planning, construction, commissioning and operation of each solar power plant in our portfolio.

As we invest our own solar power plants, our clients can be sure that we invest in the right quality of and size of equipment. It also means, that our clients can be sure that we always make sure that all our solar power plants are well maintained and performing optimally.

solar power plant at tea factory

Guaranteed Savings

We offer simple, purely pay-per-use contracts at fixed discounts or fixed rates. This means that every kWh of solar energy generated by a solar power plant delivers direct, guaranteed savings for our clients.

Our contracts have no fixed fees, no minimum charges and no take-or-pay, exchange rate or inflation clauses. This makes our solar solutions risk free for our clients. We also give clients the option to buy their solar power plants any time and at market leading prices.

solar power plant at plastics factory

Our Projects

> 21 MWp >70 installations

This gallery shows most of our currently operating projects along with their capacity and location. We currently operate the largest commercial and industrial solar power portfolio in East Africa, making us the market leader in Kenya and all of East Africa.



We use an in-house developed system for the monitoring of all our plants. We call this system Energy.Dashboard. It is manufacturer independent and runs on the powerful Microsoft PowerBI business intelligence platform. This system allows us to monitor unlimited devices and present the data in a clear, intuitive, and fully customizable way. 

We can integrate nearly limitless data sources into our dashboards. This means we can provide our clients with a single dashboard that not only captures their electricity consumption but also correlates this to the overall performance of the business. Clients can for example determine how many kWh of electricity per hotel guest or per exported bunch of roses they have used.

The sample dashboard alongside is interactive. You can expand it to full-screen mode and select different pages and specific time frames. The dashboard is based on a actual data from some of our solar plants and updates every day at 09:30 EET. 


These are some of the clients receiving cleaner, cheaper solar power from Equator Energy.

Acacia Village Juba
BURN Manufacturing
ENEE Somalia
Equatoria Teak Company
Goldfields Logistics
Groove Flowers
KIP Melamine
Danco Plastics
Acacia Village Juba
META Group Africa
National Electricity Company - Hargeisa Somaliland
Pyramid Packaging Ltd
Solai Flowers
Sotik Tea Farm
Spinners & Spinners Ltd
Tatu City
Thorn Tree Lodge Mogadishu
University of East Africa Baraton
Venice Gold Mine
Waridi Flower Farm
Black Tulip Group Flower Farms
Warehousing and Logistics Company


our markets

We are specialized in delivering solar solutions in emerging and frontier markets. These are some of the markets where solar power can add the most value. We thrive under the challenges these markets present. 

We operate in remote locations, harsh environments, under regulatory restrictions and challenging security conditions. We deliver high end solar systems far beyond the reach of the grid. We manage the risks and opportunities of our markets and we tailor our solar solutions to them accordingly.


Equator Energy believes in simple solutions and clear, straightforward business. Our contracts follow transparent industry standards. Our technology is tried and tested. Our value proposition to you is simple and solid.

Our business is guided by a few simple but powerful concepts. Have a look at them below.

Energy that pays

Our solar energy solutions pay for themselves. They deliver energy that is cheaper than the energy you buy from the grid or get from your on-site generator. We guarantee this.
When you take over a solar plant, we make sure the investment pays off.

Energy that works

Our solar energy solutions are tested, reliable and secure. When we sell you energy, there is no investment and no risk for you. We undertake all investments, installation, maintenance, and servicing work. When you take over a solar plant, it comes with comprehensive warranties and free lifetime monitoring by us.

Energy that fits

We design our solar plants to fit your needs. We offer solutions from simple grid-tied systems, through solar-diesel hybrid systems to fully autonomous off-grid systems. Our plants' peak-power output and total energy production are carefully matched to your needs and integrated on-site. We 'right-size' our plants because we sell you kWh not kW.

Our promise to you

We help you reduce your energy expenses through clean, on-site solar production. We guarantee that our solar solutions will pay for themselves.


Equator Energy is a fully integrated solar power provider. This means that the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of its solar power plants is done in-house.  The team consists of over 40 Kenyan installers, all of whom have many years of installation experience, for both ground and roof mounted solar systems. Further to the core team in Kenya, Equator Energy also has regional staff in South Sudan, Somalia and Zimbabwe.

For regular operation and maintenance, small sub-teams can travel both domestically and internationally to each of the solar plants on an ad-hoc basis. Equipped with the necessary tools and supplies, they are supported by the company's 12/7 remote, online monitoring staff, all of whom also have hands-on project installation experience. Spare-part inventories are held both at the headquarters in Nairobi, as well as on the more remote project sites across Africa, in order to make our maintenance service as efficient and effective as possible for our clients.


Greenhouse gasses

Solar power contributes significantly to reducing CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. In our markets solar power plants save from around 0.7 to well over 2.0 kg of CO2 per kWh depending on their application.


Solar power does not require water. Where solar energy replaces energy from thermal power plants. A 400 kW solar power plant saves an average of 1 million liters of water every year.

Soil, air and noise

On a very immediate and local level, solar power plants, especially off-grid plants, directly improve the environment around them. Noise and air pollution by generators along with soil contamination from fuel and oil spillage are eliminated and living conditions are often dramatically improved.


solar power is good for the environment and good for your bottom line



In this section we answer some of the most frequent questions that we hear from our future clients.

The answer is: most likely yes. We can offer cost-competitive solar solutions in almost all locations within our markets. There are, however, a number of technical details that we need to check. We do this as part of our free solar audit. For example, we need to review your current electricity consumption and how it varies throughout the day, week, month and year. We will also have to determine how much suitable space you have available for a solar power system and how complex the integration of the system will be at your site.

Once we have these details we prepare a preliminary design. If the result is positive, we make you a firm offer for buying or leasing the solar system from us.

The sunnier it is at a location, the higher your savings will be. Also, the more you rely on diesel for your electricity consumption, the higher your savings will be. Another factor is how simple or complex the integration of our solar system will be at your site.

We review all these and other factors during our solar audit. We then use them in our preliminary design to make you a firm offer with an exact solar rate and predictable savings.

With a regular grid-tied solar power system we can typically replace up to 50% of your current electricity consumption with cheaper, clean solar energy. The more of your electricity is consumed during the daytime, the higher the solar share will be.

With net-metering systems we replace anywhere between 50% and almost 100% of your energy consumption with solar energy. How much of your energy consumption can come from solar power depends on the net-metering regulations in your country.

Off-grid systems are usually designed to supply 90 - 100% of your energy needs with solar energy. These systems have a large amount of lithium ion battery storage capacity in order to get you through the night and even spells of bad weather.

This depends on whether net-metering is currently allowed in your country.

If not, we will design the solar power system as a captive system that never feeds electricity back into the public power grid. If it is allowed now, then you can feed our solar electricity back into the public grid and get paid for it.

If net-metering becomes an option in the future, we will let you know. We can then discuss expanding the solar power system, so that you generate additional solar electricity to sell it to the grid at a profit.

Getting started is simple. Write to us or just give us a call.

We will then arrange to get started on your free solar audit with you and take it from there. Within a few months after that you can start to save on energy costs with one of our solar power systems.

From the free solar audit it usually takes us less than two weeks to complete our preliminary design and make you a firm offer. Once the firm offer has been accepted and the solar agreement has been signed, we typically have your system shipped to your site and installed within around three to four months.

That means, best case, we can get you started on energy cost savings with one of our solar systems within around four months from when you first contact us.

Yes. Our solar agreements give you the option to purchase the solar power system from us whenever you like. The prices for this are clearly set out in the agrement. Once you purchase the system it becomes yours and you will not have to pay us anything for the solar energy anymore.
This means that if you are interested in purchasing a solar power system, our solution gives you the option to 'test drive'  the solar power plant at no risk first, while benefitting from the savings it generates for you in the meantime.

Our solar agreements come with a standard 20-year term for grid-tied and hybrid systems and a 10-year term for off-grid systems. For the whole term we guarantee you energy cost savings and we make sure that the solar system keeps on working smoothly. You also get the option to extend the term by 5 years twice.

Importantly, under our solar agreements you only pay for the energy you actually use. This means if your energy consumption drops during any part of the term, we will not force you to buy energy from us that you do not need. There is no risk for you.

This is not a problem. We can either move the solar power system to your new site with you or the new owner of the factory or site can take over from you. Since our solar power system will save energy expenses for the future buyer, you may even be able to get a higher sales price with our system than without. 

When you work with us, we offer you a simple, zero up-front cost way to benefit from cheaper solar energy. We are experienced and our solar power systems are tried and tested. Because we will own and operate the solar systems ourselves, we will never compromise on quality.

Working with us, means you need to deal with only one party, Nvision.Energy. We deliver a turn-key, hassle free solution.

We have over a decade of experience with commercial and industrial scale solar system. We have built the exact same solar systems before and we own and operate our own solar systems across frontier and emergin markets in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.





The way to your own solar energy system only takes a few simple steps outlined below.

shading calculation

1. Free solar audit
Once you contact us, we will arrange a free on-site consultation with you. Together with you, our team will gather all necessary information so that we can make you a firm offer for your own solar power system. We will review your energy needs and determine which type of system fits those needs best. We will also have a look at your roof and other suitable areas for the installation of the system so that we can complete a preliminary design.

solar plant 3D design

2. Preliminary design and firm offer
Next our engineers get to work. With the information from the on-site consultation we produce a preliminary design for your solar power system. Based on this preliminary design we will make a firm offer to you. In this firm offer we will specify the type, power, size and location of the solar power system we offer you. The offer will set out the solar rate, your purchase options and the savings the system will generate for you.

solar savings graph

3. Sign your solar agreement
After you accept our firm offer, we will conclude a solar agreement with you. Our standard agreement is a simple, one page agreement that is based on industry standards and adapted to your local market where needed. In parallel to this we will also complete our financial due diligence to approve your project with our credit committee.

solar wafers and cells

4. Design and permitting work
Once the solar agreement has been signed, we complete the detailed design of the solar plant down to every screw and cable. We will obtain all, if any, necessary permits and licenses for the installation of the plant.
Lastly, we will order and ship all components of the solar power system to your site and agree on an installation date with you. 

roof mounted solar power plant

5. Installation and commissioning
The installation of the solar system is fast. Captive and net-metering systems under 400 kW can usually be installed and commissioned by our team in under a week, off-grid systems take a few days longer. During the installation we make sure that we create minimal nuisance for you and do not get in the way of your work. 

solar power plant monitoring

6. Pay less for your energy
When the solar power system is commissioned it is time for you to flick the switch. From this moment onwards, whenever the sun shines you will be getting cheaper, clean solar energy from us.
You can check on your savings and solar energy consumption online, on your mobile and, of course, on-site. Every month we will send you a detailed report of the solar production and your savings.

thermal imaging of solar module

7. Monitoring and maintenance
We monitor all of our solar power systems 24/7 to make sure everything is running smoothly. Our solar power systems are extremely robust and reliable and require minimal maintenance. When something needs attention, we dispatch a maintenance and repair team.
If you like, we will also, free of charge, monitor your overall energy consumption for you. That way we can help you spot trends and changes in your energy consumption and identify opportunities for further savings.


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